About Us

Vatan Foundation Women Guesthouse

Our guesthouse, as part of the Vatan Education and Technology Foundation, embraces a new generation approach to accommodation, serving local and international young women pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate, master's, doctoral, YOS and Erasmus education, as well as those in internship and professional life. It is the first and only guesthouse in Turkey to provide luxury services as a women's guesthouse.

Featuring rooms with different specifications, our guesthouse offers options for single, double, triple, and quadruple occupancy. Established with the aim of supporting a total of 300 local and international young women in a peaceful, secure, comfortable, warm, and hygienic environment throughout their education and work processes.

Our guesthouse provides various facilities, including a TV lounge, fitness and pilates room, library, study room, cafeteria, laundry and ironing room, and suitcase storage room.

To enhance the living experience and comfort of our guests throughout their stay, our earthquake-resistant building is equipped with Hilton bathrooms, toilets, orthopedic base beds, desks with bookshelves, refrigerators, wardrobes, WiFi internet, a generator, and a central heating system.

In our security-focused guesthouse, entrance and exits are monitored through a facial scanning system, and additional protection is provided by a 24-hour night vision camera system and a professional security team.